Can Tyrion help slay the dragon of digital competition confronting Cisco in its winter of reorganization? Can he at least lend a hand?

Just hours ahead of the season seven cliff-hanger finale for “Game of Thrones,” Cisco is cashing in on the show’s global popularity to launch a new marketing campaign. Its star is Peter Dinklage, AKA as GOT’s Tyiron Lannister.

Rather than helping the “Mother of Dragons” conquer the world as her top advisor known as “The Hand,” Dinklage is talking networks for Cisco as part of “The Network: Intuitive” campaign.

“To help businesses understand what Cisco’s network makes possible, they need to hear about these innovations in a simple and relatable way. We worked with Ogilvy, our new agency, to develop the idea for the video,” Cisco chief marketing officer Karen Walker says in a blog post.

“Peter Dinklage is the perfect messenger because of his global fame and ability to speak in a bold, intelligent and captivating way. As he wanders through the streets of London, you hang on each of his words as he describes just how simple—and monumental—the new network is.”

  • VIDEO: Watch the Cisco video featuring Dinklage at

Notes AdWeek:

“In the three-minute spot, Dinklage walks through modern London tackling some Big Questions that have nothing to do with dragons, monarchies or White Walkers.”

If the campaign pays off, will Dinklage become “The Hand” for Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins?

Cisco operates one of its largest corporate campuses in RTP – one of the bigger “kingdoms,” so to speak.