The Renaissance Computing Institute, better known as RENCI, in Chapel Hill has landed two contracts for projects totaling just under $6 million and also says it is helping to build a new web-based health platform.

RENCI, which launched in 2004 as a collaborative effort between UNC-Chapel Hill, N.C. State and Duke University, will lead a $3 million project for safe and secure data sharing.

The institute also is part of a $2.95 million effort along with Clemson and Washington State university to design a new data system called called Scientific Data Analysis at Scale (SciDAS).

Both projects are funded by the National Science Foundation.

The new health platform is being developed by RENCI along with the Carolinas Center for Hospice and End of Life Care.

The aim is “to allow people in the Carolinas to better manage their health and interact with loved ones and healthcare providers on planning for their future healthcare,” according to RENCI.

“This platform aims to encourage people to proactively manage their health, plan ahead for health challenges, and make informed choices for themselves and their loved ones before a situation becomes critical. A key goal of the project is to enable individuals to quickly and effectively provide important health information to caregivers and others who need it.”