It’s no secret that Amazon is revolutionizing retail. But what does that mean for shoppers and traditional stores?

  • Which retailer is Amazon targeting now?

Amazon newest target isn’t a retail chain at all — it’s your local convenience store.

The company rolled out a new service earlier this week called Amazon Instant Pickup, which lets customers order basics like chips, soda and toothpaste. You can then pick them up from an Amazon locker in just two minutes.

  • Isn’t mimicry the sincerest form of flattery?

Not if you’re a retailer that wants to stay in business.

Just ask Dick’s Sporting Goods. Dick’s earnings report disappointed Wall Street on Tuesday. The retailer lowered its full-year profit forecast today because of “a challenging retail environment.” It’s stock fell more than 20%.

Sound familiar? Last month, Amazon filed a patent to launch a competing meal-kit delivery service. Blue Apron’s shares plunged 11% following the news.

And grocery stocks got clobbered after Amazon announced plans to buy Whole Foods for $13.7 billion back in June.

  • Is Amazon a death sentence for traditional retailers?

Not necessarily. Retailers like Home Depot are surviving by selling things you can’t buy on Amazon. This week, Home Depot reported record sales last quarter and bolstered its outlook for 2017.

Home owners and professional builders alike still prefer to go to stores to test out home products, especially big ticket items like flooring and appliances.