Netsertive is acquiring Seattle-based Mixpo just about a year after the two teams formed a partnership of companies that aim to help clients boost the effectiveness of ad campaigns.

“Our plan and our intent here is to bring the entire team over … and we are investing in the unit,” Netsertive CEO Brendan Morrissey told GeekWire in an interview about the deal, which was announced Tuesday.

Netsertive, which raised $24 million in venture capital in 2015, will be adding some 60 employees as well as a West Coast presence.

Financial terms were not disclosed.

The deal combines two ventures focused on helping clients better target ad campaigns.

Netsertive focuses on what it calls “brand-to-local” technology.

Mixpo, meanwhile, helps clients with social media and video ad campaigns.

“Brands and their distributed retail networks must adapt to the complex reality of a click-to-brick economy,” Morrissey explained in the deal announcement.

“With the combined capabilities of Netsertive and Mixpo, our clients can scale their digital marketing across local retailer networks of any size to reach digital shoppers, influence their choice of products, and ultimately drive buyers to local businesses. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with the Mixpo team as a partner for the past year. The success we’ve had working together led us down the path of coming together as a single company.”

Local, local is the Mixpo theme.

“Mixpo’s interactive ad formats and dynamic localization capabilities are perfectly aligned with Netsertive’s broader brand-to-local marketing technology,” said Charlie Tillinghast, CEO of Mixpo. “Our joint offering will deliver tremendous value to brands and publishers looking to accelerate both the delivery and impact of their omnichannel marketing.”

Netsertive launched in 2009, Mixpo in 2007.