Site 1001, a Kansas City-based company that offers smart building services through a software platform built in part through artificial intelligence, is opening a new office in Raleigh. And the help wanted sign is out.

The company is taking space on the 10th floor of the Capital Club Building in downtown Raleigh where HQ Raleigh has recently renovated space.

A company spokesperson tells WRAL TechWire the Raleigh office will employ between five and 10 people. Two people have already been added to handle sales.

Site1001 chose Raleigh because it “is a blossoming smart city and hub for IoT (Internet of Things),” the spokesperson explained.

“Site 1001’s AI (artificial intelligence) platform works to translate what the building is saying so the building operator can accurately understand, leading to longer building life, less repairs, and reduced down time or distraction to occupants. These efficient and smart buildings are what makes up a smart city, you can’t have a smart city without smart buildings.”

The firm’s CEO, Cleve Adams, noted in an announcement that “the number of smart projects in and around the Raleigh area is very exciting. The region hosts a unique collaboration between private, public, and academic resources that is rapidly making it a leader in the development of the interconnected technologies defining the foundation of smarter, more efficient communities around the globe. Site 1001 is looking forward to helping Raleigh not only become a smart city, but a model for other smart cities as well.”

The office will include a demonstration wall when it opens in October.

Site 1001’s platform will be demonstrated “via a living wall made up of sensors and automation so anyone can see the real world application,” the spokesperson added.

Site1001 currently has some 30 employees spread across Kansas City, southern California and an R&D office in Oregon.

“Site 1001 is exactly the type of company we want in Raleigh,” said Derrick Minor, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Manager at the City of Raleigh. “Raleigh is becoming an environment rich with high tech, entrepreneurial companies that not only build a cool and futuristic place to live, but create new jobs and improve the local economy. I know Site 1001 is the perfect fit to help get us to the Raleigh of tomorrow.”

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