Editor’s note: Serial entrepreneur, blogger and author Chris Heivly offers three “simple ideas” to help guide entrepreneurs thinking about starting a company.

DURHAM – Lets bring chaos into order with these three simple ideas.

The world is littered with startup advice including this writer’s crap. My advice – keep it simple and remove as much confusion as possible from you brain. The easiest way to think about a startup is to be honest with yourself.

Lets start with that little secret inside of you where you think you just may get a little lucky and take the express train to the top of the mountain.

  • Rule #1: Startups either stumble upon luck and take off or you have to grind away to make them take off.

Are you ready to grind away for years to make your company successful? I mean really ready as in sacrifice trips to Cabo and the fancy new car. I frequently ask new founders this question when I sense a little naive belief that they are the newly anointed one.

What are the other two?

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