Three companies outside the Triangle have pulled in capital over the past week, according to securities filings:

  • Urban Offsets continues $550,000 round
  • Mebane-based ARCA Holdings has raised $14 million
  • Hudson-based BeoCare Group raises $750,000

The details:

  • Urban Offsets continues $550,000 round

GREENSBORO – Urban Offsets, an emerging entrepreneurial firm focused on sustainability, is continuing to raise funding in an equity round launched last fall.

In a securities filing on Aug. 5, the company said it had raised another $50,000 in equity.

Thus far, Urban Offsets has raised $350,000 of a targeted round totaling $550,000.

CEO Shawn Gagne signed the filing.

The money will be used for general corporate purposes, according to the filing.

Two investors have participated in the round.

Urban Offsets landed an NC IDEA grant in 2015.

“Carbon offsets should be more than just another expense,” NC IDEA explained.

“At Urban Offsets, they connect sustainable brands with locallysourced carbon projects. This bolsters their brand because it invests in the places that matter most to their customers — the neighborhoods they call home.”

  • Mebane-based ARCA Holdings has raised $14 million

MEBANE — A cash automation technology company based in Mebane, North Carolina, has raised $14 million in a private equity offering, according to a filing Friday, Chris Roush reports for North Carolina Business News Wire.

ARCA Holdings Inc. raised the money from 10 investors, according to the filing.

The company has developed technology that is used in financial institutions, retail stores, and self-service kiosks around the world.

Its cash recycler, for example, is a machine that frees up tellers from counting cash. It also has cash recycling, dispensing, and deposit systems; coin products, such as coin accepting and dispensing systems; check scanning systems; and card and PIN pad products.

Its founder and chief executive officer is Mort O’Sullivan, who was taking courses in brewing and distilling at Heriot-Wall University in Scotland when he was asked to become a distributor of cash dispensing equipment for a large financial services company. He started the company in 1998.

The company now has 450 employees and annual revenue of more than $125 million. ARCA is Latin for cash box.

  • Hudson-based BeoCare Group raises $750,000

HUDSON — BeoCare, a North Carolina-based company that manufactures incontinence and maternity pants has raised $750,000 in a private equity offering, Roush reports.

BeoCare Group raised the money from one investor, according to the filing.

The Hudson, North Carolina-based company is an original equipment and private label manufacturer, which means it has no brands and does not compete with its clients. It has a European operation located in Belgium.

In February, the company completed its integration with Shelby Elastics LLC into a newly expanded manufacturing site in Hudson, North Carolina. It acquired Shelby Elastics in November 2014.

The chief executive officer is Peter Vanderbruggen. He previously was managing partner of Leeward Ventures, Luxembourg-based private equity firm.