Epic Games’ rollout of its latest title “Fortnite” continues to generate a lot of headaches for the Cary-based video game developer. While most fans seem to be understanding about an update error that wiped out some player data, others are pretty irate.

Some 500,000 players quickly signed up for the eagerly awaited zombie war title, but “early release” means there can be problems. First came sever problems, testing players’ patience in an Internet world where anything slower than immediate triggers anger.

On Friday came an update error that cost some players data, time and effort invested in building bases that are crucial to the zombie scenario.

“OK first we messed up in missing a HUGE part of our patch notes. I apologize,” wrote Zak Phelps, who identified himself as part of the Fortnite team at the game’s technical update website.

“We understand how much time you have invested in building your Storm Shield base, it;s your home, your defense, your vision, we feel that way too. We will be dedicated in providing detailed at patch notes going forward.”

Phelps acknowledged that “our haste to get this patch” led to the miscue. He explained why the changes were made and why some data had to disappear.

Fan wars

While many posters at the Fortnite forum expressed thanks and understanding, one fan in particular blew a gasket.

“So you basically told us to eat **** for time lost,” the fan wrote.

“My base was fine how it was had no defending issues.

“I want compensation for my time lost because of lack of communication on your behalf.

“Thus rebuilding is gonna take time away from leveling, grinding, finding malachite.

“I could be using those hours for progression and not on a unwarned rebuild. …

“Lost some respect for you guys.”

Yet three posters immediately rallied to Epic’s defense.

“Early access dude,” wrote one. “Chill your guns.”

“Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!” added another.

“I didn’t know you existed but I lost some respect for you as well,” wrote the third, adding a reminder:

“Early access, dude.dudette.”

Epic’s assurance

Epic promised earlier warnings as “Early Access” continues.

“We are never going to rest your overall progression …

“Moving forward we’ll make sure to communicate changes BEFORE they happen.”

In our haste to get this patch out we missed clarifying tweaks to the Plankerton, Canny Valley and Twine Peaks Storm Shield maps. We decided to make change to those maps to improve game balance at upper difficulties. Map changes require us to reset any base you have built. Building materials and traps have been refunded into your Storm Shield Storage, the storage overflows in cases like these so you have every piece of stone, every trap laid ready to be reused. We have to do this to avoid issues with built bases conflicting with the map changes. We know that the time it took to create your base can’t be replaced, we hope that opportunity to rebuild with all your resources and past experience will allow you to make an even better base.

As we move through Early Access we will be modifying the game and making changes to improve the experience, at times this will mean changes that require refunds to core systems like the skill tree, research tree, and storm shields. We are never going to reset your overall progression.

Moving forward we’ll make sure to communicate changes BEFORE they happen.