Want to know more about the potential startup stars that will be presenting at North Carolina’s top venture conference?

Beginning later today, profiles – more in depth than before – begin.

Working in partnership with the Council for Entrepreneurial Development, WRAL TechWire will be publishing individual company Q&As with CEOs and other executives from many presenting firms selected for the upcoming CED Tech Venture conference. (The full list is being announced later Thursday morning.)

While WTW has published profiles about tech Venture startups dating back to the website’s launch in 2002, we stepped up the process in 2016 by partnering with CED to make profiles available for every presenting company.

The same offer was made this year, and so far nearly 30 companies have already responded.

And, as mentioned earlier, the profiles are being expanded to include more information as well as video (where available).

Profiles start with the basics, such as website, contact information, and names of top executives.

But this year we specifically asked companies to provide videos (Youtube or Vimeo).

And we asked the following questions:

  • What is the focus of your business?
  • What is the top pain point/business application you are seeking to address?
  • What makes it unique?
  • Why should investors be interested in your firm?
  • How are you financed at this point?

CEOs were encouraged to take some time and make their case for possible investment. We hope you find the profiles informative.

While investors will certainly want a lot more information before making any deals, these profiles serve as a way to introduce – or in numerous cases re-introduce and update – some of the best startups and emerging companies our state has to offer.

So be sure to check back later today for the news about what companies will be participating in Tech Venture – and then watch for the first of the profile series.