The permits are in and plans are set. Loading Dock Raleigh will more than double in size in coming months, opening 15 additional office suites, more conference rooms, a classroom and a mini “commerce hub” for growing consumer product and e-commerce companies.

“We have a cool community of people who know packaging, know Amazon and who are working with the same retailers,” says community manager Carter Ellis. “We’re already sharing a lot of resources.”

Loading Dock always planned to expand into a larger space in the old Winn-Dixie distribution facility on East Whitaker Mill and Atlantic Avenue. But an outside investor is helping make it happen this year. According to an SEC filing back in May, $836,000 came in from a Florida group. Ellis declined to share details of the investor, only revealing that it shares the vision of Loading Dock as a place open to everyone and specifically for social impact and product companies to grow.

It will be “the financial engine moving forward”, he added.

Loading Dock Raleigh was envisioned as a workspace for makers back in 2015, when owner Phillip Freeman announced plans to build a community around his all natural insect repellent company, Murphy’s Naturals. Murphy’s now works alongside Good Dirt, an all-natural soil conditioner, and Mister Pompadour, a men’s hair product company. The North Carolina Craft Brewers Guild also operates in the space, serving makers in the craft beer industry.

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