Red Hat, the world’s top developer of Open Source Linux solutions and services, is giving a boost to its top product with the acquisition of technical and other assets of Permabit Technology.

“Red Hat will be able to better enable enterprise digital transformation through more efficient storage options,” the company said in a securities filing.

The deal was announced after the markets closed Monday.

In the SEC filing, Red Hat said it had “acquired substantially all of the assets of Permabit.”

Red Hat, which is based in Raleigh,adds data duplication and compression as well as “thin provisioning” to RHEL.

Thin provisioning. or TP, is defined as “a method of optimizing the efficiency with which the available space is utilized in storage area networks (SAN). TP operates by allocating disk storage space in a flexible manner among multiple users, based on the minimum space required by each user at any given time,” according to the website TechTarget.

“With this acquisition, Red Hat can now bring powerful data deduplication and compression features into Red Hat Enterprise Linux, which will also enhance capabilities across Red Hat’s hybrid cloud and storage technologies, including Red Hat OpenStack Platform, Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform and Red Hat Storage,” Red Hat explained in a statement.

“With Permabit’s assets and technology, Red Hat will be able to better enable enterprise digital transformation, including the use of cloud computing and Linux containers, through more efficient storage options.”

Permabit, which is based in Cambridge, Mass., has been a pioneer the development of primary storage data reduction technologies in the areas of deduplication, compression, and thin provisioning.

Financial terms were not disclosed.

“Digitally-transformative technologies, including cloud infrastructure, Linux containers and hyper-converged infrastructure, require enterprises to re-examine overlooked or previously commoditized technology decisions, especially storage, to gain as many efficiencies as possible for business evolution,” said Jim Totton, vice president and general manager of Red Hat, in a statement.

“With the addition of Permabit’s data deduplication and compression tools to Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat will be ready to support these organizations as they seek to derive a more efficient storage footprint to power business innovation.”