Commerce Signals pulls in nearly $12 million as it seeks to broaden the reach of its platform that offers “data-driven answers” to advertising and marketing performance. Meanwhile, investment firm Falfurrias Capital Partners has raised $7.2 million to fund an acquisition.

Commerce Signals operates a real-time exchange for transactional data. It recently raised nearly $11.8 million in a private equity offering from 22 investors,.

The company offers what it calls “Data-Driven Answers” in two ways, according to its website:

  • Direct from the country’s largest data owners. Buy data insights direct from the source.

“Would you like to measure your advertising or marketing efforts with actual retail sales from the country’s largest payment networks? What if you could submit your own requests for insights 24/7 and get deterministic results back? Would you like to optimize with data from purchases made just 2 days ago? In our controlled environment, advertisers can directly access the right insights directly from the source.”

  • Unlock the potential of YOUR data (from) financial Institutions, Payment Networks & Merchants

“Data owners know they can provide value for their customers and shareholders from data already sitting inside the secure walls of an organization. But, a lack of resources, time, and legacy privacy concerns consistently slow new and exciting models to create value. Databridge helps you turn data into products that your clients use while enforcing the critical rules and permissions necessary to protect consumer privacy.”

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The firm last raised money in September 2015, when it raised $2.9 million, reports Chris Roush for North Carolina Business News Wire.

The company was founded in 2014.

In March, Commerce Signals announced a partnership with LiveRamp that enables advertisers to measure the online and in-store sales impact of their advertising across digital publishers and individual devices.

Commerce Signals’ platform allows advertisers and agencies to access aggregate transaction insights from approximately 70 percent of U.S. card-based purchases in near-real-time.

Thomas Noyes is the founder and CEO of the company. Noyes has 20 years experience in banking, payments, software development, venture finance, consumer marketing and sales.

Prior to creating Commerce Signals, Noyes held roles ranging from a NASA engineer to head of channels for Citigroup’s Global Consumer Group. At Citi, Noyes’ primary focus was driving Citi’s international growth through remote channels such as direct banking, mobile and phone.

  • Falfurrias has raised $7.2 million

Roush also reports that Falurrias has raised nearly $7.2 million in a private offering to purchase a company.

Falfurrias Capital Partners raised the money to purchase DocuMatix Marketing Automation Solutions, which it combined with Marquis Software Solutions Inc.

Falfurrias was founded in 2006 by former Bank of America executives Hugh McColl and Marc Oken, as well as Ed McMahan, with the objective of investing in proven management teams to build middle market businesses.

The company invests in businesses with EBITDA of $3 million to $25 million across a range of sectors, including consumer and retail, food and beverage, business services, financial services, manufacturing, industrials, energy and health care.

Its past investments include Bojangles’ Inc.