The Iron Yard, a four-year-old startup focusing on providing coding training, is shutting down. The firm operates two campuses in the Triangle, including a site in property operated by The American Underground.

In fact, the AU converted its entire Raleigh facility to support Iron Yard just two years ago.

Some 300 people were trained and placed in local jobs, according to ExitEvent.

“The classes in Durham were full every semester, and Raleigh has its largest class to date in session now,” ExitEvent reports, citing Jessica Mitsch, a former general manager for The Iron Yard in the Triangle.

Iron Yard operates numerous sites across the country. It’s headquarters is in Greenville, S.C.

The company broke the news in an announcement at its website.

“Over the last 4 years, the Iron Yard has led the code school industry in preparing students for careers as software developers,” Iron Yard said. “The industry as a whole is still young and its leaders face the challenge of a nascent market, as well as the demands facing all institutions in the higher education marketplace.

“In considering the current environment, the board of The Iron Yard has made the difficult decision to cease operations at all campuses after teaching out the remaining summer cohorts. We will finish out summer classes completely, including career support.”

Adam Klein, chief strategist for The American Underground, said Iron Yard had a long-term lease for some 13,000 square feet in AU facilities.