Iron Yard’s announcement earlier this week that it plans to cease operations in November leaves management of the American Underground with a challenge: How to fill 13,000 square feet of office space?

As of today, Adam Klein, the chief strategist for the firm that operates a variety of shared and entrepreneurial offices and services in Durham and Raleigh, doesn’t have much to say.

“As we develop our plans for the space, I will loop back with you to share more,” Klein tells WRAL TechWire.

Klein declined to ask a series of other questions submitted by WTW after news broke that Iron Yard would stop offering coding classes once its current “cohorts” complete their work.

Iron Yard’s decision leaves AU with two big holes, especially in Raleigh where its building was basically turned over to Iron yard as a tenant two years ago.

Iron Yard also has prime space at one of AU’s Durham office complexes.

Klein did compliment Iron Yard on its success in training and placing in jobs hundreds of students since launching locally in 2014.

“The American Underground is proud of the productive work Iron Yard has done in feeding the Triangle’s growing tech ecosystem – training and placing hundreds of people in good jobs,: Klein says.

As for how AU’s own offerings and services might be impacted, Klein says it’s still full speed ahead.

“This news doesn’t change our mission to make the Triangle an unsurpassed destination for tech companies and tech talent, and we’ll continue working with partners to do just that,” he points out.

Klein recently told AU’s hundreds of clients that the AU was going to pivot in terms of offering services and benefits.

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