The Skinny’s LinkedIn feed keeps telling me about jobs that my profile must indicate I’d find intriguing. (But, let’s face facts, at my age and with my limited skill set, who of sensible, responsible mindset would hire me?)

As for you other job seekers, want to work for IBM?

A very intriguing job posting recently showed up for a position at Big Blue in Research Triangle Park and another in Raleigh: A “content director.”

Here’s the job description:

“People are bombarded and disrupted by over 14,000 messages a day. The world doesn’t need more content; it needs better content.

“Hence, the IBM Originals team was founded to be the storytelling arm of IBM. We create stories and content experiences that matter to our audiences, move them to act, and cut through the noise in the market.

“The IBM Originals team believes that content is the best way to build relationships at scale and that stories must be creatively told, uniquely delivered, and useful to our audience.

“We are seeking Content Directors to actively lead campaign content for each of IBM’s Business Units. Do you have what it takes?

“Want to be part of a company where science and creativity collide to make the new big bang in content?”

IBM’s Content Directors are “the creative field leaders who will drive the day-to-day planning and execution of content design and creation – culminating in IBM’s stories and messages cutting through the clutter of the market.”

Responsibilities include:

  • Content Strategy: Assist in the development of the content strategy for the campaigns and Business Unit priorities including the creation of targeted buyer-centric content journeys, narratives, and the corresponding deliverable plans. Work with the Strategists to gather audience, competitive, prior content and campaign performance data and insights, as well as best practice information to inform campaigns
  • Content Ideation: Lead the ideation process to turn data/insights into thought starters and sparks of creativity and stories. Own the creative parts of the brief and co-develop the consideration set for the content partners (whether internal or external) to consider as part of the RFP process. Find stories and build the recommendation of ideas (from internal and external sources) to present to the Editorial Board.
  • Content Models: Provide input into the appropriate creation model (in-house, agency, partner, etc) depending on creative considerations.
  • Talent Strategy: Work closely with the diamond team digital marketing and social leaders to develop the talent/influencer strategy and oversee execution when part of story creation process.
  • Content Negotiation: Work with Media teams to help ensure partners maintain our creative essence.
  • Production Oversight: Own the responsibility for content production across channels and format types. Work with and manage creative/editorial resources to develop original content. Measure and monitor all content asset performance to ensure quality and performance of content created by partners/people. Manage content program execution.
  • Create Original Content: Responsible for creating content ideas and assets yourself that include idea creation, writing copy, treatments, emails, and other written executions.
  • Workflow Management: Upload, monitor, develop, and measure content using our Workflow management tool (e.g. Kapost). Ensure that all content meets SEO guidelines, has keyword focus, cross links, and clear calls to action. Deliver assets to the relevant teams for finishing, tagging and flighting.
  • Optimize Content: Develop and oversee the creative alts for multivariate testing and concepts for testing. Monitor the story Dashboard on a weekly basis and make recommendations to the team for optimizations, killing and extending content based on performance.

“Desired Skills and Experience”



You will have to travel – up to 50 percent of your time to meet clients.

And you have to be “passionate” about the world of new media – social, etc.

“Using data to inspire ideas” is key.

And you must provide “evidence of facilitating and initiating creative thinking in the digital space.”

Welcome to the new world of media.

Apply online at: