Great Place to Work report says millennials will be loyal to their employers IF the companies provide a “high-trust culture.” Many want that kind of environment vs. no dress codes or other benefits.Looking for local examples?

Two Triangle firms – SAS and Kimley-Horn made the top 10 list of companies deemed best for millennials.

“You might find some initial benefits to ditching your dress code and throwing out cubicles,”said Chinwe Onyeagoro, president of Great Place to Work, in a report about the latest Great Place to Work data published along with Fortune.

“But superficial changes like these won’t improve retention among Millennials unless they’re accompanied by managers making authentic connections with employees, linking their work and contributions to a broader purpose, providing access to a diverse array of learning and development opportunities, and demonstrating fairness in promotion and advancement decisions. These deeper leadership behaviors and cultural practices affect how Millennials feel about their place in the organization and how long they choose to stay.”

The trust issue is no surprise to the Great Place for Work team.

“No matter their age, employees tend to be more productive and engaged when they feel pride in their work, experience camaraderie with teammates, and work in an environment defined by trusting relationships.”

However, trust is crucial to millennials when it comes to loyalty – and staying with a company.

“We found that Millennials who say they have a great place to work are 20 times more likely than peers who do not have that experience to plan to stay with the company (compared to 15 times for Gen X and nine times for Boomers),” Great Place to Work reports.

“In stark contrast to the popular image of the constantly job-hunting Millennial, 85% of Millennial front-line employees and 89% of Millennial managers at the Best Workplaces said they intend to stay with their companies for a long time.”

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