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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – A sow and a soybean walk into a lab.

It might be the start of a good joke. I don’t know. But Tim Xtreme Lee has done the due diligence to extract the funny from the corn.

He’s a Californian with a Ph.D. in biology and the equivalent in comedy. It probably helped that his father gave him the middle name Xtreme hoping he’d grow up to be a stunt man. Fortunately for us, Tim didn’t become a stunt man. And with a middle name like Xtreme, it wasn’t such a stretch for him to go from the bench to the boards.

The nerd in him brings his comedy through the standard “science seminar” conduit of the PowerPoint presentation. The similarities to a standard science seminar end, however, where the hilarities of his low-key wry humor begin.

You don’t have to be an ag whiz to harvest a heap of fun from this get-together. It will help, however, if you like some aspect of science. That, and if you’re smart enough to know the difference between H2O, a GMO and a GTO. That and $10 will get you in. If you’re a procrastinator, we’ll knock you back $15 at the door.

Please join us here at the North Carolina Biotechnology Center at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, June 28, for our fun Summer Social get-together, which will include laughter, demos and the usual brews and bites.

And for those of you who simply can’t imagine spending time around science fans without someone droning on and on, we’ll also have drone demos in the statue garden, compliments of local start-up PrecisionHawk.

The NCBiotech AgBiotech Initiative and our sponsors have worked hard to bring you this amazing event, so please reserve your spot and bring your friends.

Tim Lee is only here once. I’m here all week, folks.

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