Ever-growing HQ Raleigh is striking a new partnership with Raleigh-based Centerline Digital to create a 31,000 square foot “shared economy” workplace in Raleigh’s Glenwood area.

But this is not the sharing economy, a term to describe such ventures as Uber, Lyft and Airbnb.

This sharing is about “creative, design, innovation and problem solving.”

The deal is being announced early Monday morning with space expected to become available this fall.

Jason Widen, a founding partner of HQ Community which has grown its footprint with shared office space communities in Greensboro and Charlotte, calls the deal with Centerline Digital “an exciting new partnership.”

“By partnering Centerline on this new project,” Widen says, “we have an opportunity to expand our community and physical space offerings significantly. It’s also a chance for us to further support Raleigh’s burgeoning design community and, by leveraging Centerline’s technology and amazing design aesthetic, create a truly unique offering and kindred community for our city’s creative talent.”

While Centerline Digital and its 100 employees will remain at the 509 W. North Street location in dedicated space, HQ Raleigh will take over management of the remainder in building another HQ outpost. Centerline Properties owns the building.

The partners aim to “co-create a diverse community of high-impact, high-growth enterprises as well as create a creative work environment for independent designers and creative entrepreneurs.”

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“This partnership is about building a shared economy in several ways,” says Charles Long, founder and CEO of Centerline Digital and Centerline Properties. ​”This is the future of working, so in true Centerline fashion we chose to go first”

He cited four ways he believes the partnership will boost companies that become part of the community:

  • “An assemblage of talent no singular company could possibly put together.
  • “Diverse, but relevant to each other to inspire and solve problems.
  • “Allowing companies and individual to engage each other in business and personal growth in the incremental volume needed at the time.
  • “Create variability in working relationships with infinite choices between full time employment and a quick consult.”

“Centerline has always worked how its clients want to work. Now we can collaborate and employ in all the ways talented people want to engage with Centerline,” he added.

Long sees the partner ship as a “classic win-win” for both firms. He also praised HQ Raleigh for its “vibrant and highly collaborative community of entrepreneurs that is consistent with Centerline’s values and culture … By bringing HQ in as a partner, our team will greatly benefit from being part of HQ’s broader entrepreneurial community and energy..”

HQ Raleigh also operates in Centerline’s building at 310 S. Harrington Street in the warehouse district. It also is preparing to open new space across the top five floors of the Capital Club building downtown.

Centerline Digital offers strategic content marketing and creative agency services.