For years, The Skinny has been a very loyal customer at Lowe’s buying everything from appliances to flowers, fertilizer to tools. No more. The Mooresville-based company says it is laying off some 125 IT workers, and “many” positions are being outsourced to India. So The Skinny is outsourcing home improvement shopping elsewhere.

It’s time to take a stand.

“Lowe’s lays off over 120 tech workers in Mooresville, will send jobs to India,” reads the headline in The Charlotte Observer. Reporter Katherine Peralta reports: “Many of the affected information technology job functions are being sent to Bangalore, India, where Lowe’s employs approximately 1,000 people in information and technology and analytics.”

So, another 120 American workers get the heave-ho while a profitable corporate giant moves to save a few bucks.

In this era of globalization, “America first” have become dirty words to many. Tell that to the Lowe’s workers losing their jobs. “Offshoring” out to be THE dirty word.

Corporate suite greed

The Skinny’s record on diversity is well known. This complaint has nothing to do with the quality of workers in India. It has everything to do with suits in corporate suites turning their backs on American workers.

Take less in salary and bonus, big wigs. Find other ways to save some money. Maybe find ways to make MORE money.

By the way, the Skinny also wonders how long before Lowe’s decides to “on-shore” some of those jobs if cost savings and performance don’t meet targets as has been the case with some other American companies.

IBM is the signature company when it comes to the gutting of American jobs in order to save money. And Lowe’s is hardly alone in this trend.

However, between foreign visa abuse in corporate America and the plague of outsourcing, it’s time American consumers stood up for their neighbors and said: “Fire Joe? Fire Joan? Outsource their jobs? Then count me out as a consumer.”

After all, if you don’t stand up for American jobs, what’s to keep the same darn thing from happening to you?

Absolutely nothing.

Lowe’s trending news

Layoffs are nothing new at Lowe’s.

“Lowe’s eliminated 96 corporate tech jobs in October, then in January cut another 2,400 full-time jobs, mostly at the store level,” Peralta says. “In February, it followed with more than 500 corporate layoffs, including 430 at its headquarters in Mooresville and 70 support staffers in Wilkesboro.”

Chief Information Officer Paul Ramsay cried crocodile tears in a memo to staff.

“It is always incredibly hard to make decisions such as these that directly impact our people and our teams,” Ramsay said, according to The Observer.

Perlate wrote that the “staffing reductions are part of planning effort that began ‘several years ago’ to build a more diverse, global team to respond better ‘in this highly competitive 24/7 retail environment’ and more quickly to ‘evolving consumer needs.'”

Uh, consumers need jobs in order to buy your wares, sir.

Note: This opinion is the personal opinion of the author.