Joe Colopy loves entrepreneurship and loves building a cohesive, productive corporate culture. So he’s back in the startup game that mixes both passions.

Colopy, the co-founder and CEO of Bronto Software, sold the company for some $200 million in 2015 to NetSuite (now part of Oracle) then left it a year ago. He didn’t stay unemployed or out of entrepreneurship for very long. His new venture is focusing on software to help companies make better hires.

It’s called PeopleLove.

“I left Bronto last April and took almost a year off. But I was getting the itch to start something else,” Colopy says.

“Entrepreneurship is in my blood so I’ll always be crafting up some new venture.”

PeopleLove only incorporated earlier this month, but Colopy is charging ahead with five employees already in a downtown Durham office space. And he has some familiar hands helping out.

He’s also confident about what PeopleLove has already developed.

Declares its website:


Friends and family

“I co-founded PeopleLove with Jeff Turner,” Colopy notes. “He is the CTO and previously was previously the Director of Software Development at Bronto, where we had worked together for many years.”

So what’s PeopleLove all about?

Creating a great company culture was very important to me at Bronto. So, for my next chapter, I wanted to create a software company that could help other companies improve their company culture, step up their game in hiring and retaining the best employees, and ultimately build better companies,” he explains.

“My Bronto experience is highly relevant to PeopleLove.

“Basically, we’re taking Bronto ideas around software and commerce marketing and applying them to employees and HR.

“We’re rethinking hiring, performance, recognition, employee engagement and all the things that make for well-run enjoyable companies. Happy employees in engaged cultures make for better and faster growing businesses.”

A free beta version is already available for Triangle companies with between 50-500 employees. Sign up at the PeopleLove website.

By the way, Colopy is hiring.

“We’re at the beginning of a long journey and are looking for help,” he says.

As for the future – Colopy is optmistic.

“Great companies always start as small ones!”

Colopy should know. Bronto started in his garage.