North Carolina’s Broadband Infrastructure Office is offering an online tool to help people track, test and report Internet service speeds. The office says results will help the state “identify areas that need better access.”

The tool includes an interactive map as well as a instructive video on how to use it.

“Reliable internet access is crucial for helping businesses grow, students learn, and communities connect to the wider world,” Governor Roy Cooper said in the announcement about the tool. “This new tool will identify areas that need better access to broadband.”

North Carolina for years has sought to promote and improve Internet service across the state through such programs as e-NC.

the North Carolina Department of Information Technology’s (DIT) Broadband Infrastructure Office said data collected through the tool will be reported to the FCC, which tracks broadband availability across the U.S.

“I’m extremely proud of this initiative,” said Secretary and State Chief Information Officer Eric Boyette in a statement. “Access to high-speed internet is crucial these days, and I’m encouraged by the fact that this technology will bring us one step closer to making sure that North Carolinians receive the services they need, regardless of their geographic location throughout the State.”

Learn more about the tool at:

N.C. Broadband Map

Watch a video tutorial at: