Where are all the unicorns?

Venture research firm CB Insights has tracked down the private emerging companies with valuations at $1 billion or more.

Check out the graphic with this post.

The data, as reported through May 19, locates 196 around the world. That total is up 21 so far this year.

A year ago, 40 new unicorns emerged.

The unicorns are worth $678 billion, CB Insights reports. They have raised some $142 billion from investors.

Which are the most valuable?

“The most valuable private company in the world is Uber, valued at $68B,” CB Insights says.

“Rounding out the top five are: Didi Chuxing ($50B), Xiaomi ($46B), Airbnb ($29B), and Palantir Technologies ($20B).”

For more details, see the CB Insights unicorn report at: