While driving home to Raleigh after meeting with a client in Greenville in late April, North Carolina, Tommy Bohrmann, co-founder of Roundtable Analytics, did what many people do at the end of their day—he called his mom. But this time it was more than a simple check-in.

Bohrmann wanted to relay the news that a plan his company helped Vidant Medical Center discover and implement months prior was actually working. Roundtable Analytics’ software hired 17 new nurses to cut costs, streamline care and increase efficiencies for Vidant’s emergency department.

Bohrmann’s mother wasn’t just proud of her son’s work, she was thankful. As a career-long nurse, she interacted with many consultants tasked with cutting costs and increasing efficiencies over the years. She said their strategy rarely included hiring more nurses. Rather, they often recommended firing, cutting back hours, or reducing the number of nurses on duty at a given time.

It’s this novelty that has attracted roughly $1 million in private equity, and another $1 million in federal and state grant dollars, landing the startup with contracts with both Vidant and UNC-Chapel Hill, and helping the team win the “Best Emerging Startup” award at the WRAL TechWire awards last month.

Bohrmann and his colleagues didn’t come up with the idea on their own though. Instead, the strategy was developed by the cloud-based software they created called, the Emergency Department Strategy Lab (EDSL), devised after analyzing the emergency department’s data and a host of other factors the Vidant team input into the software. The lab then simulated hundreds of scenarios and strategies to increase the department’s efficiency.

The product of years of research, the technology is the first-of-it’s kind for healthcare institutions, accomplishing in an hour or less what previously took months or years, and it’s fully customizable.

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