Sheryl Sandberg, the No. 2 executive at Facebook, on Thursday thanked soldiers, military spouses and others at Fort Bragg for all of their sacrifices.

“I’m grateful to your commitment for building strength. I’m grateful for your commitment to building equality. And I’m even more grateful for your service every day,” Sandberg said.

“Grateful” was a word she used often during her talk, especially when discussing coping with the 2015 death of her husband, Dave Goldberg.

“Thinking of what could be worse made me realize that there were areas of my life that were still good, and it also made me grateful,” she said.

Among her many roles, Sandberg is the founder of Lean In, an organization dedicated to helping women achieve their ambitions. The organization has 32,000 circles in 150 countries, she said.

“I’ve been fighting for females to take a seat at the table and take equal leadership roles for a long time,” she said.

From gender equality, to equality across the board, Sandberg didn’t hold back.

“People who don’t think they have biases actually have the most bias,” she said.

Sandberg also held a question-and-answer session, and many people in the audience asked her advice both for their professional and personal lives.