In today’s tech wrapup: Lucasfilm gave scifi fans a final goodbye to Carrie Fisher, who passed away in December. Facebook Messenger outstrips Instagram.Old versions of Windows refuse to die.

Facebook Messenger’s 1.2 million users makes it twice the size of Instagram, the company said Wednesday. That’s 700 million more than it had when it spun-out Messenger as a separate app in 2014.

Recode points out that it has evolved significantly since launch. It added payments, chat bots and video calls. Soon, Messenger told Recode, it would be adding advertising.

Old versions of Windows harder to kill than vampires

Microsoft finally ended its support for Vista this week – the decade old operating system that made people love XP when it came out. But both Vista and XP and even older versions of the Microsoft OS are still out there.

Research by Spiceworks says more than half of businesses still have at least one PC running XP and it may be running on 14 percent of all PCs in businesses globally.

Windows 7 is running on a whopping 69 percent of business PCs. Windows 10 has only a 9 percent share, despite being offered as a free (time-consuming) update.

ZDNet points out that not all analysts agree with those numbers.

Windows never dies (