With nearly 8,000 voters so far in NC Tech Madness, the Elite 8 results are in! The four remaining teams include:

WEST: The Produce Box (#14): Produce and goods from North Carolina farmers and food makers delivered weekly to doorsteps across the state.

MIDWEST: Boostopia (#15):Customer support and analytics for B2C companies.

EAST: Brilliant Sole (#14):Sensor-embedded footwear that allows for locomotion experience in virtual reality and video games

SOUTH: Tom & Jenny’s Candy (#15):All-natural sugar free caramels and candies healthier for teeth.

Some highlights are:

-Our top vote-getter was Wilmington-based Brilliant Sole, with 79% of total votes.
-All four remaining teams are bootstrapped
-Physical products dominate the Final Four, with three of the four falling into this category: Tom & Jenny’s, The Produce Box and Brilliant Sole (the latter two also have a software component).

Vote here for the championship game. (click on the bracket below for a larger version)

Our penultimate match-ups are:

The Produce Box (#14) vs Boostopia (#15)
Brilliant Sole (#14) vs Tom & Jenny’s Candy (#15)

Voting is now open, and ends tomorrow, the 1st, at midnight.

We look forward to seeing who makes the championship!