Last week we brought you the news that RTP’s own UVision360 Hysteroscopy Systems was competing in the MD+DI annual Medtech Startup Showdown. With the support of our scientific community, UVision has made it to Round 2.

“We are honored by the level of support and thrilled to be going onto Round 2,” said UVision360 CEO Allison London Brown. “We know there are some great devices in this showdown and are looking for major support from the RTP community to take us to Round 3.”

London Brown hopes that in this round votes for UVision360 will surpass 200, so go ahead and vote, then pass the word. Voting is extremely fast and simple.

UVision360 received a Small Business Research Loan from the North Carolina Biotechnology Center in 2016 to help advance this important technology, which means all state taxpayers have a stake in UVision360’s success.

Vote now at:

(C) N.C. Biotechnology Center