New research from Parks Associates tracks what its analysis has found to be the top 10 trends in the growing world of consumer Internet of Things.

Here they are:

  • Voice Control

Voice control is vying to become the primary user interface for the smart home and connected lifestyle.

  • Mobile Services

The smartphone market plateaus, and mobile carriers experiment to retain subscribers, which will threaten fixed broadband services.

  • Connected Consumer electronics (CE)

CE manufacturers focus on new product categories and ecosystem strategies to compensate for stagnation in a mature market.

  • Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual and augmented reality gain a foothold in niche operations and greater awareness among early adopters, creating opportunities for social VR experiences.

  • OTT Video Services

The differences between on-demand and live viewing continue to blur as consumers embrace a variety of OTT video services.

  • Connected Cars

Consumers increasingly expect connectivity in their cars, but pricing, safety, and data privacy concerns inhibit market growth.

  • Smart Home

To cross the chasm, the smart home industry will continue to develop new use cases for security, peace of mind, and energy management.

  • Smart Home Devices & Services

Insurers are exploring new business opportunities in smart home products and services and will continue to launch trials and new partnerships.

  • Wearables

Wearables and smart watches are expanding as healthcare tools and will be integrated with other IoT applications.

  • Healthcare

Consumerization of healthcare services and devices drives integration with smart home ecosystems and new business models.

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