The inaugural Tech Madness bracket has been released! Cast your votes for round one here.

Thanks to everybody who submitted a company. While we wanted to include everyone, we received more nominations than 64 and had to whittle down the list. In creating the bracket, we tried to stick to rising NC startups that shared characteristics like being private and relatively new. We then ranked companies based on amount of funding and employee count.

We’ll be the first to admit it’s an unscientific process—we hope you enjoy voting nonetheless!

The first voting round begins now and goes until midnight Friday. Results will be released on Saturday (the company with the most votes in each match-up moves on), and we’ll open the 2nd round then with the new match-ups.

As a reminder, for each of the match-ups you’ll be voting for the company you think has more growth potential over the next five years.

Learn more at:

NC Tech Madness is Live! Cast Your Votes.