WRAL TechWire will pick its annual TechAward winners on April 25, and more than 100 execs as well as companies have already been nominated. Don’t see someone on the list whom you think is deserving? Or a company that should be recognized? Then make your nomination soon. Time is running out.

Nomination deadline is noon, March 17. You’ve got less than 48 hours. Get moving!

As you can see, some people and companies have been nominated in multiple categories, something to take in mind when voting begins to determine the winners.

Note: For individuals, be sure to include what company the person works for and his/her title.

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Here are the nominations as of 1 p.m. Wednesday:


Fastest Growing Startup (most potential)

  1. nCino
  2. Roundtable Analytics
  3. Archive Social
  4. eAudit, LLC (eAudit.com)
  5. Tesser Health
  6. Adwerx
  7. PodKeeper
  8. Offline Media
  9. ITB Insider
  10. Pendo
  11. WedPics
  12. InvestiQuant
  13. The GoIN App (goinparty@gmail.com) thegoinapp.com
  14. Republic Wireless
  15. Reveal Mobile
  16. FilterEasy
  17. Precisionhawk
  18. Validic
  19. NK Patent Law

Most Steady Startup (delivering success consistently)

  1. Icino
  2. Roundtable Analytics
  3. Adzerk
  4. Filter Easy
  5. Pendo
  6. ITB Insider
  7. Percona www.percona.com
  8. WedPics
  9. nCino
  10. Republic Wireless
  11. Archive Social
  12. iScribes
  13. 80pct.com (Freedom App)
  14. Validic

Best Emerging Startup (fast-growing startup emerging from stealth mode)

  1. Roundtable Analytics
  2. Candle Science
  3. Roundtable Analytics
  4. RevBoss
  5. eAudit, LLC (eAudit.com)
  6. Fokus Labs 3
  7. ITB Insider
  8. Panaceutics Inc
  9. Medicom www.medicom.us
  10. Ten8Tech.com in Wilmington
  11. RewardStock
  12. Malartufunds.us
  13. Roundtable Analytics

Top Startup Director (CEO/Chairman)

  1. Scott Neuville, CEO Chesson Labs
  2. Brendan Morrisey
  3. Hunt Davis
  4. Jed Carlson, CEO of AdWerx
  5. Tom Furr
  6. Ben Saren (Dropsource)
  7. Todd Olsen, Pendo
  8. William Needham Finley IV
  9. Justin Miller
  10. Scott Moody – K4 Connect
  11. Chris Chuang, Republic Wireless
  12. Brian Handly, Reveal Mobile
  13. Hunt Davis of Canopy
  14. Tate Holt of Roundtable Analytics
  15. Drew Schiller, Validic

Startup Executive Leader (top leader/executive, not necessarily CEO but a COO, CFO, CIO)

  1. Andrew Kennedy
  2. Kevin Barry
  3. Nate Frechette, CTO, Dropsource
  4. Brant Elliot
  5. William Needham Finley IV
  6. Thom Ruhe, NC IDEA
  7. Idan Koren
  8. Kevin Barry, CIO of FilterEasy
  9. Jim Zidar, CEO of Stealz
  10. Drew Schiller, CEO, Validic

​ Most Noteworthy Startup Founder or Investor

  1. David Gardner, Cofounders Capital
  2. Mark Easley (investor)
  3. William Needham Finley IV
  4. Chris Heivly
  5. ​Dr. Tommy Bohrmann http://roundtableanalytics.com
  6. Justin Nifong, NK Patent Law
  7. Shante Williams founder of Geenee technologies, GoIN app


Highest Achieving Enterprise

  1. Sageworks
  2. Seventh Generation
  3. Red Hat
  4. MetLife Global Technology Operations
  5. Bandwidth
  6. Lenovo

Most Steady Enterprise (delivering success consistently)

  1. MCNC
  2. Sageworks
  3. Red Hat
  4. SquareOne Bank
  5. Red Hat
  6. MetLife Global Technology Operations
  7. Bandwidth

Best Emerging Enterprise (perhaps with IPO or exit potential)

  1. Bandwidth
  2. Reveal Mobile
  3. Pendo.io
  4. nCino
  5. Validic

​Top Enterprise Director (CEO/Chairman)

  1. Jean Davis, President and CEO
  2. Sageworks CEO Scott Ogle, CEO
  3. Allen West
  4. John Replogle
  5. David Spitz, ChannelAdvisor
  6. David Morken, Bandwidth
  7. Enterprise Executive Leader (top leader/executive, not necessarily CEO but a COO, CFO, CIO)
  8. Chris Beatson, NeoNova Chief Technology Officer
  9. Brad Schomber
  10. Darrena McCulloh
  11. Tara Fitzgerald President, Clinical Development Services INC Research
  12. Jesse Lipson, CITRIX (ShareFile division)
  13. David Morken, Bandwidth

Most Noteworthy Enterprise Founders or Investors

  1. Sageworks – Brian Hamilton, Chairman
  2. Art Pappas, Pappas Ventures
  3. Mark Easley Sr.
  4. David Gardner,
  5. John Replogle, Seventh Generation
  6. Jody Luihn
  7. Bobby Long
  8. The IDEA Fund Partners team
  9. David Jones, Bull City Venture Partners