Cary-based Medfusion is expanding its patient support offerings by acquiring a New York firm that provides self-scheduling solutions.

The deal came Tuesday shortly after Medfusion announced an expansion of its medical portal offerings on Monday.

Financial terms of privately held NexSched acquisition were not disclosed.

“With NexSched, we are meeting the patient demand for an improved healthcare experience, and arming practices with the technology they need to be successful in a consumer-driven market,” said Kimberly Labow, CEO of Medfusion, in a statement.

“By combining the forces of our powerful patient-centered solutions, we are enabling the patient to self-schedule their appointment, pay their co-pay or outstanding balance, and access their medical records all from their mobile device. This acquisition is a strong strategic fit with Medfusion’s core offerings and accelerates the growth of our Patient Experience platform.”

Medfusion says adding NexSched technology will boost Medfusion’s efforts to “empower patients to take control of their care in the era of healthcare consumerism.”

NexSched offers:

  • 24/7 access to schedule patients’ own appointments
  • Booking or re-scheduling appointments online
  • Timely confirmation

“Our patient self-scheduling solutions, in collaboration with Medfusion’s Patient Experience platform, allow practices to spend less time bogged down by scheduling, and focus on what matters most – providing exemplary care to patients,” says Jeffrey Friedman, an MD and CFO of NexSched.

Medfusion’s expansion

On Monday, Medfusion announced a series of “enhancements” to its services.

“We’ve ensured patients can quickly and easily share information with providers, added additional facilities to our network, and made the app experience easier for families,” said Brady Keeter, Senior Product Manager at Medfusion, in a statement. “All of these updates support our company’s mission to place patients in the center of their care so they can feel empowered to take charge of their healthcare decisions.”

The enhancements:

  • Simplify health information sharing with doctors and caregivers. Patients can now easily share health data using either an email address or the physician’s Direct address. Users can also now print their entire health record or portions of their health record right from the app.
  • Increase the number of providers and facility types to which users can connect. Along with thousands of additional providers and health facilities, pharmacies (such as CVS and Walgreen’s) and lab processing firms (such as LabCorp and Quest) are now a part of the Medfusion directory.
  • Make care management easier for the whole family. The app can automatically differentiate between each family member’s health data to ensure that each account profile contains correct, up-to-date information. This feature is especially beneficial for families that visit the same providers or facilities.