Can mobile health data correlated with individual information generated by a Salesforce user lead to better understanding of personal health?

Mobile health data startup Validic is teaming up with customer relationship management trend-setter Salesforce to provide information directly from wearables and other devices as well as health apps directly into CRM and care management platforms.

Validic also is demonstrating a platform to securely transfer health data from mobile devices to patient portals.

The emerging Durham startup disclosed the Salesforce partnership at a tradeshow Tuesday and also demonstrated its data platform with a video being unveiled as well on YouTube.

Salesforce agreement details

Validic hails the Salesforce deal as “the first step in bringing together Salesforce activity data with connected device data (heart rate, movement, steps, etc) to find correlations, causations, and trends.”

Financial terms were not disclosed.

Salesforce can provide health data from Validic through its Salesforce Connect plan, and patient information will be shown in the Salesforce interface.

“With this integration, care teams can now manage their patient population with near real-time data from over 400 personal health devices—creating more connected, personalized touchpoints with patients driven by actionable insights and clean data visualization,” Validic notes.

The Validic information can be added as part of a “Health/Wellness” app to Salesforce as part of the Salesforce HealthCloud.

·   Wearables & Connected Fitness Equipment
·   Clinical In-Home Medical Devices
·   Consumer Health Applications
·   Health Data Aggregators
·   Vitals Kiosks
·   Lab Diagnostics

VitalSnap demo

In the VitalSnap demo, Validic notes:

“VitalSnap allows users to securely and easily capture health data from their non-connected device via the camera on their smartphone. Validic can then seamlessly deliver this data to an electronic, patient portal, or clinical dashboard.”

See a live demo of VitalSnap at: