As Cisco continues its transformation from hardware-focused to much more software and services under CEO Chuck Robbins, the company also continues to make changes in its work force.

Want a job? Robbins spelled out where Cisco, which has a huge campus in RTP, is hiring during an earnings conference call with analysts on Wednesday.

Vijay Bhagavath of Deutsche Bank Securities asked Robbins about the CEO’s plans for his management team and “[a]ny new skill sets, any new areas or avenues you’ll be looking for to round out the management team to drive top line growth? Or will you primarily be doubling down on security, analytics, AI [artificial intelligence]?”

“[No. You know what, it’s a great question. I think that when you look at the improvement we’ve been making around our transition to software and subscription business, you can assume that we’ll continue to look for people who have those kinds of capabilities,” Robbins replied, according to a transcript of the call provided by financial news site Seeking Alpha.

“And if you look at even the [recent] AppDynamics acquisition, David Wadhwadi, who is their CEO, was one of the key drivers behind the software transition that occurred at Adobe. So he very much understands how this transition will occur.”

Then Robbins, who has vastly reshaped Cisco as a company along with its management team since replacing John Chambers in May 2015, spelled out where he wants talent.

“You can assume that we’re adding talent in the areas of artificial intelligence, machine learning, analytics, software skills around simplicity and automation,” he explained.

“As you know, if you look at our core, one of the biggest things our customers are looking for is to take out the cost of operating this infrastructure. And so as we build out automation capabilities that allow them to very dynamically change their environments as opposed to the manual way it’s been done in the past, those skill sets as well. So it’s a combination of all of those in addition to security and all the other areas you mentioned, so it’s broad based.”

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