We’ve all seen the home security commercials where customers lock the doors with a mobile app. Now two Duke inventors are taking this Internet of Things/app combo to the kitchen with remote monitoring – and the ability to turn off the heat remotely before disaster strikes.

It’s hot, too. Their kickstarter campaign is lighting up with buyers.

“Inirv React provides you with peace of mind knowing that your home, family and belongings are safe, no matter what you’re whipping up in your kitchen,” the inventors explain.

The fundraising campaign reached 492 backers who pledged $175,548, up more than $16,000 since early Wednesday.

Why? Here are some of the promises:

  • “Inirv React is the first device that lets you control your stove from your smartphone and helps to protect you and your loved ones from the devastating effects of house fires. Its combination of sensors and electronics enable it to not only detect high levels of smoke, natural gas, and lack of motion (or, you in the kitchen), but also react and turn your stove off to keep you safe.
  • “It also allows you to monitor your stove remotely and modulate the burner temperature. With Inirv React, you never have to worry about leaving your stove on again!”

The goal of $175,000 is tantalizing close for Akshita Iyer (COO) and Ranjith Babu (CEO), who collaborated to invent the stove monitoring and control system.

What triggered the invention? Iyer came up with the idea after nearly burning down her own home.

“All of our homes have smoke detectors that detect high levels of smoke and warn us if there is a hazard. However, they don’t intervene and prevent the situation from getting worse,” they inventors explain at their website. “We knew a better solution was needed so we designed a revolutionary product that not only prevents hazardous situations but reacts to prevent them from escalating.”

Babu, a neurosurgeon at Duke, and Iyer, a Duke alumn, say they saw a need for improved kitchen safety and designed sensors as well as Bluetooth-enabled devices to attach to knobs on a stove. Linked to detectors for smoke, gas and heat, the knobs when triggered turn off the stove.

The inventor duo then took the next step of building an app so stoves could be monitored and controlled remotely.

“You rely on your smartphone for everything else, why not use it to check on your kitchen? The smartphone app will allow you to monitor the environment of your kitchen and receive alerts in real-time even if you are miles away from home. Even more, you can turn off your stove and change the temperature of your burners right from your phone – no need to rush home,” the inventors say.

“Use your stove like you normally do! As soon as you turn it on, Inirv React automatically activates and monitors your kitchen for dangerous conditions. The bright blue glow of the LED rings on the sensor and knob units indicate that you and your home are protected.”

​The system also includes a motion sensor and timer for those absent-minded chefs who wander away from the stove and forget they are cooking dinner.

“After 15 minutes of no activity in your kitchen with the stove left on, the timer will expire and the knob unit will activate to turn your burner off. To prevent the timer from expiring and your stove from turning off, just check on it every 15 minutes,” the inventors point out.

“Each time you enter your kitchen and the sensor unit detects motion, the timer is reset. Need to adjust the timer? Simply tap the touch sensor to cycle through the settings. There are 4 to choose from for maximum flexibility! You can also set each knob unit to have a different timer setting.”

As for making sure the knobs work, the duo stress that the knobs are “universal.”

“With its universal stove adapter, Inirv React works on any gas or electric stove,” they say.

“Even better, it doesn’t require professional installation! You can install it yourself in just a few minutes and know your home is protected.”

Words from The Skinny really can’t adequately describe what this duo has done. The site includes a video overview as well as a detailed breakdown of features and offerings.

So, check out the kickstarter website at:

You may believe these Duke entrepreneurs have come up with a solution all home chefs can embrace for cooking more safely.