In today’s update of technology news: Trident Capital gets $300M for cyber security startups; VR in trouble? Flipboard redesign features smart magazines.

Trident Capital Cybersecurity, a Silicon Valley-based venture firm, has raised $300 million to invest in cybersecurity startups.

Gartner reports the market for cyber security products and services in 2016 was $81.6 billion and will grow by 10 percent a year until 2021.

Although Trident previously invested in a range of industries, the new fund will focus entirely on cyber security, which is expected to get a boost from Trump administration policies.

VR troubles?

Business Insider says Facebook is closing 200 of its 500 pop-up Oculus Rift VR demo locations according to what it termed “seasonal changes.”

Best Buy workers told Business Insider those seasonal changes might be a serious head wind. They said the Oculus Rift stations would go days without a demo.

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Flipboard redesign goes for “smart magazines”

Walt Mossberg, who has appeared at several Raleigh tech events, likes the new Flipboard redesign. It allows faster and simpler personalization.

The service, which has more than 100 million users and is available on a variety of devices and the web, built version 4.0 around “smart magazines” on topics users choose.

We use Flipboard on both a smart phone and an Amazon Fire tablet. It’s a pleasant way to kill some time with magazines you curate yourself. It’s easy to use, very visually oriented, and the new magazines automatically update.