Research from talent recruiting firm Talentful shows that Google dominates other high-tech firms when it comes to poaching talent. Microsoft is its biggest target, Talentful says.

Based on data compiled from LinkedIn, Talentful says Google has recruited nearly 13,000 workers from competitors.

Top target?

Microsoft, which has lost 4,151 workers to Google.

However, the poaching battle isn’t completely one-sided. Talentful says Microsoft has poached 896 Google workers.

“There’s a huge amount of staff trading between companies,” said Lara Camorra, head of Growth at Talentful, “And every time one company hires a staff member from another, they’re not just bringing in that person – they’re bringing in their whole network. People like to work with familiar teams who know the way they work, and they end up bringing their colleagues with them.”

Other battles highlighted by Talentful include:

  • Amazon and eBay have swapped a few workers, with Amazon giving up 152 and taking 218.
  • Apple’s main rival is Microsoft, so it makes sense that they poach more employees from them than anywhere else: 1334 in total.
  • While IBM have taken more staff in total than Dell, they’re vulnerable to their rival’s headhunting, having lost 2302 of their employees to them, while taking only 1753.
  • Facebook, meanwhile, freqently raids Twitter and LinkedIn.

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