Editor’s note; Serial entrepreneur, blogger and author Joe Procopio recently launched a new video series about startups, “The Show.” Here’s a look at the first three episodes as summed up by Procopio and a link to each of the shows.

  • “Teaching Startup” episode one: “Bringing Startup to Everyone”

“[M]y side/giveback project Teaching Startup debuted the first episode of The Show, an online TV series dedicated to bringing the concepts of startup and entrepreneurship to a broader audience by making it more accessible. 

It’s been a long time coming. And we’re pretty hyped about the results, even though we know we have a long way to go.

On The Show, we talk about startup without droning on about startup. Sure, we talk about startup, in fact, we do that a lot, and you’ll definitely learn something. But we also talk about stuff that’s far more interesting.

Pop culture? Of course. We don’t do our jobs 24/7. Neither should you.

Sports? Yeah, look at us. It’s in our DNA.

Parenting? No better way to learn about being an entrepreneur.

Humor? If you’re not laughing, we’re not doing our job.

WATCH: http://joeprocopio.com/teaching-startup-debuts-episode-1-of-the-show.asp

  • Episode two: “Are startups accelerators worth it?”

This episode “features a conversation between Andy, who just got into 500 Startups and has been through a local accelerator, and Colgan, who has already been through 500 Startups with his company.”

Watch the episode at:


  • Episode three: “What do we make startup so … boring?”

[W]e talked about sucking all the fun out of startup, keeping people out of the club, and Joe’s cut-rate accelerator idea.

Watch the episode at: