Editor’s note: Ajit Pai, recently named to be the new chair of the FCC, talks about his vision for the future of the agency in a speech at the FCC headquarters last week.

“Now that we’ve made the transition, where do we go from here? Well, I have no doubt we’re going to be busy. There are a lot of challenging issues on our plate.

“One of the most significant things that I’ve seen during my time here is that there is a digital divide in this country—between those who can use from cutting-edge communications services and those who do not. I believe one of our core priorities going forward should be to close that divide—to do what’s necessary to help the private sector build networks, send signals, and distribute information to American consumers, regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or anything else. We must work to bring the benefits of the digital age to all Americans.

“As the FCC confronts this and many other challenges, I want you to know this: No Chairman, no Commissioners can achieve results for the American people without your help. We need you. We need your ideas.  We need your energy.  I understand that not everyone will personally agree with every policy the FCC pursues.  But I will do my best to hear all points of view—to approach every issue with a literal open door and a figurative open mind.  And I know that you are the most professional staff any agency could be blessed with—because I saw that for myself when I was a staffer.

“Speaking of being blessed, I often marvel at how fortunate I have been. I think of my late grandparents in India. One of whom lost his father young and had to drop out of high school to work; another ran a small spare auto parts store. I think of my parents, who came to this country 45 years ago with literally no assets other than $10, a transistor radio, and a desire to achieve the American Dream.  I think of all their sacrifices, all those risks they took, all those long hours they worked, all those moments when they must have worried about what the future would hold.  None of them could ever have imagined that their grandson, their son would have the honor of being asked to lead by the President of the United States.  I hope my tenure as Chairman will show me to be worthy of the sacrifices they’ve made for me and the lessons they’ve taught me.  And I’m ever grateful that this wonderful country has given me and my family the opportunity to dream big.

“Thank you again for your support. Now, it’s time to get started! I’m excited to get to work alongside you on behalf of the American people.”