If you have high-speed Internet at home, chances are better than 7-in-10 you utilize Wi-Fi – and that your household members link multiple devices to your home network.In other worse, you are embracing the Internet of Things.

More than 70 percent of households with broadband access now utilize in-home Wi-Fi, and the availability of fast connectivity is encouraging users to link more devices than ever, says Parks Associates.

According to its latest research, Parks says Wi-Fi households on average link more than 30 percent additional computing devices than non-broadband homes.

The percentage jumps to 45 percent when counting consumer entertainment devices.

“Wi-Fi is by far the most common way that U.S. broadband households access the Internet in the home, and the convenience of this access technology encourages households to acquire more connected products,” says Brett Sappington, Senior Research Director at Parks Associates. “One-half of broadband households use a 3G/4G mobile data as a primary source of Internet access within their home, underscoring the importance of wireless access as a key part of their broadband experience.”

Here are some highlights from the Parks report:

  • Over 50% of U.S. broadband households with Internet speed under 1 Gbps would upgrade to gigabit-speed services if offered, and 34% are very likely to upgrade.
  • 7% of U.S. broadband households have only one device connected directly to the broadband modem using Ethernet.
  • Wi-Fi households own an average of 5.7 computing devices and 8.1 connectable CE devices.

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