As more and more people shift to alternative messaging and voice services such as WahtsApp, big network providers are suffering a big drop in service-related revenues, a new report says.

Juniper Research says providers will see revenues dropping a whopping 12 percent, or almost $104 billion, in 2017.

However, there are ways providers can fight back.

In fact, WhatsApp has become so popular that it now generates nearly three times as much daily traffic as standard SMS, Juniper reports in Mobile Operator Business Models: Challenges, Opportunities & Strategies 2017-2021.

In fact, the shift to alternative OTT (Over the Top) messaging services and social media could get even worse.

“[W]ith most leading OTT messaging platforms now incorporating or trialling multiple communication options, including group voice or video chat, operators would see continued erosion of traffic levels in the future,” Juniper notes. 

How to counter trend

The report also points out how providers could counter the trend by offering:

  • Big data and analytics packages for both consumer and IoT (Internet of Things) devices
  • Carrier billing payment options
  • Mobile money services
  • Mobile identity services

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