2016 has come and gone, but numbers—specifically those showing venture capital deal flow and investment amounts—are still trickling in.

TBD as to whether final figures will depict a year similar to 2015’s blockbuster fundings or something more akin to NC’s mediocre showing from 2011-2014. But if the most recent data from the National Venture Capital Association is an indicator, it looks like 2016 may fall somewhere in between.

Top Five Tech Raises

1. Phononic

2016: $71 million Series E

Total: $158.9 million

One of two tech companies to make the top ten list of raises in 2016. See above for more information.

2. Pendo

2016: $20 million Series B in Q4

Total: $33.25 million

Story: The second of the tech companies that made the top 10 list naturally appears on the top tech raises list of 2016. See above for more information.

3. PrecisionHawk 

Location: Raleigh

2016: $18 million Series C in Q2 Total: $29 million Investors: Verizon Ventures, Yamaha Motor Ventures, Bob Young, USAA, Intel Capital, NTT DOMOCO


Story: The part drone-creator part data-science company raised its third round in the first half of 2016. PrecisionHawk has expanded from a strict agriculture focus to other sectors like insurance and energy and plans to expand to other industries soon too.

4. nCino 

Location: Wilmington

2016: $15.67 million in Q2

Total: $64.67 million

Story: The cloud-based bank operating system company, nCino, had a good year of disrupting the banking industry. After a $15.67 million raise in Q2, it ranked 220th on Inc.’s top 500 list and landed SunTrust Bank as a customer.

5. SportsMEDIA Technology 

Location: Durham

2016: $13.85 million in Q4

Total: $26.35 million 

Story: SportsMEDIA raised money for the first time in six years in order to acquire a competitor, Sportvision. It’s not the first acquisition either. In 2012, SportsMEDIA acquired Information and Display Systems (IDS), another competitor. The company is now the dominant supplier of real-time, on-screen graphics, tickers, and other digital technologies to the sports broadcasting industry.

Top Five Exits

According to CED, there were 39 acquisitions in 2016, but only 10 companies have publicly disclosed their acquisition prices. This list is based off of those deals.

1. Sensus 

Location: Raleigh

Acquisition amount: $1.7 billion in Q3

Purchaser: Xylem 

Story: This IoT company uses smart sensors to gather and make sense of utility data. It sold for a cool $1.7 billion to Xylem, a wastewater and water treatment corporation.

2. Biologics, Inc. 

Location: Cary

Acquisition amount: up to $1.2 billion in Q1 (McKesson bought 2 companies – Biologics and Vantage Oncology, together for $1.2 billion but the individual purchase prices were not disclosed)

Purchaser: McKesson 

Story: The company focused on integrating and aligning care for cancer patients previously raised $29.82 million before it was acquired by McKesson, a healthcare company that delivers pharmaceuticals, healthcare services, supplies and equipment to healthcare organizations.

3. Bamboo Therapeutics 

Location: Chapel Hill

Acquisition amount: $645 million ($150 million upfront with a possible $495 million more for a total $645 million)

Purchaser: Pfizer

Story:  Bamboo Therapeutics is the only company to appear on both the top 10 raises and top five exits lists. After its Series A raise in February, Pfizer acquired the company in August for what could total $645 million when milestone payments are made to owners and investors. As part of the deal, Prizer also acquired the Vector Core Facility that Bamboo acquired from UNC in January, and Bamboo’s roughly 40 employees.

4. Patheon

Location: Raleigh

IPO: $640 million IPO in Q3

Story: This end-to-end supply chain solution for pharmaceutical companies went public in July. Share prices opened at $29 per share and prices have stayed relatively constant since.

5. ESP/SurgeX 

Location: Knightdale

Acquisition amount: $130 million in Q1

Purchaser: Ametek 

Story: The electronic power protection device manufacturing company was acquired by Ametek, a Pennsylvania based electronic device manufacturer in February.

**Editor’s Note: PowerSecure, SciQuest, and TowerCo all technically had “exits” and would rank above ESP, but given their history as public companies, and in TowerCo’s case, the acquisition of a “portfolio” of towers, CED left them off the top five list and so are we.