Durham startup ArchiveSocial lands a social media scoop, creating and publishing a Social Media Archive with the Obama Administration.

The firm, which launched in 2011, secured the rights to the treasure trove of President Obama, Mrs. Obama and the White House to create the archive, which was unveiled Thursday afternoon. The President and his administration have been pioneers in the use of social media, a tool that has clearly and actively been embraced as well by President-elect Donald Trump.

“This historic archive contains over 250,000 social media records from more than 100 official White House social media profiles, including the President’s @POTUS Twitter timeline, the official White House Facebook page, and the First Lady’s Instagram feed,” ArchiveSocial’s Alix Bowman reports.

ArchiveSocial CEO Anil Chawla responded to a White House “call to action” last October to develop and create an archive that would be searchable and useful.

The archive already includes some 250,000 posts covering the eight years of the Obama administration through Dec. 31
and will be updated through the President’s last day in office

You can view the archive at: http://ObamaWhiteHouseArchive.social

Highlights of the archive include:

  • advanced search
  • high resolution photos
  • high resolution video replay
  • social media records with complete technical metadata

“Social media has been a key tool for the Obama Administration to communicate with American citizens and people around the world, and ArchiveSocial is proud to play a part in preserving the legacy of the first ‘social media president’,” Chawla said in the announcement.