In today’s update of technology news: Apple to cut iPhone production; Google’s Pixel devices shutting down; editing tweets a bad idea?

Apple Inc. will cut production of iPhones by approximately 10 percent in the first quarter of 2017, according to the Nikkei financial daily. It cited supplier data.

The company previously trimmed production of the iPhone in January-March 2016 to sell accumulated inventory.

Some Pixel devices shutting down

Reports say some Google Pixel devices have been affected by a bug similar to the one that hit the Nexus 6P. They shut down at about 30 percent of battery power and won’t turn on again until plugged into a charger.

The expensive devices have had a number of issues, Android Authority reports

Editing tweets a bad idea?

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey asked Twitter users what features they most want to see on the mini-blogging service. They asked for the ability to edit tweets. We know a certain President Elect who could benefit from such a feature.

Gizmodo, however, weighs in saying it’s a bad idea. People could see a tweet retweeted thousands of times and then edit it. Users who want to change a tweet or fix a typo should just delete and repost, William Turton suggests.

Bad idea