Facebook and YouTube haven’t lost their seats at the top of the mobile app world. Facebook and YouTube were the top smartphone apps of 2016, according to Nielsen “Tops of 2016 report. Facebook had more than 146 million unique users a month, up 14 percent over last year. Facebook messenger was actually second, with 129 million users, followed by YouTube at 113 uniques a month.

The apps with the highest year over year change, Nielsen said, were Amazon App, which grew 43 percent and Instagram, up by 36 percent over 2015.

Google Maps was fourth, Google Search fifth, Google Play fifth, and Gmail sixth, all up by significant percentages.

Instagram, Apple Music and the Amazon App were seventh, eighth and ninth respectively.

Smartphone use grew to 88 percent of US mobile subscribers, up 2 percent from the beginning of the year.

A majority of smartphone owners use Android devices (53 percent), while 45 percent use IoS phones. A mere 2 percent use Windows phone, and the once mighty Blackberry now claims only 1 percent of users.