In today’s roundup of technology news: Nokia sues Apple again; Regtech startups see more business; Facebook may be making you sad.

Nokia files multiple patent suits against Apple

Nokia filed a new set of patent lawsuits against Apple Inc. in Asia, Europe and the US, the company said Thursday.

It alleges that Apple violated 40 patent and Nokia filed suits in 11 countries.

Regtech seeing business boost

Companies that help bankers and investors deal with regulations and avoid fines, the “regtech sector,” are “the new darlings of the private investment world” according to Reuters.

Venture capitalists have invested $2.3 billion in regtech startups since 2012 and activity is expected to grow 15 percent.

Reuter’s story

Facebook making you sad

Doing too much social media browsing without connecting is bad for your health, according to a University of Copenhagen study.

The fix: log off Facebook.

The study found that getting away from Facebook for a time inceased life satisfaction and emotions positively. The effect was greatest for the heaviest Facebook users.

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