In today’s roundup of technology news: More Twitter execs depart; Trump NASA tradition team adding members favoring public/private partnerships; first company to make a drone delivery isn’t Amazon.

Trump’s NASA transition team includes more members favoring public/private partnerships

The Wall Street Journal reports that venture capitalist Peter Theil pushed to give commercial space firms a bigger voice on Donald Trump’s NASA transition team. Appointments of Alan Stern, Alan Lindermoyer and Charles Miller expected to reflect his influence.

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Two more Twitter execs depart

Twitter has lost two more top execs. CTO Adam Messinger is taking time off after 5 years with the the company, and Josh McFarland, its vice president of product is leaving to join venture firm Graylock.

Other execs who left Twitter this year include COO Adam Bain, Jana Messerschmidt, head of business development, and Nathan Hubbard, head of media and commerce.

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First delvliery by drone: 7-11

The world’s first delivery by drone didn’t come from Amazon or Google. Convenience store chain 7-11 delivered 77 items to customers in Reno, Nevada via drone.

The flights were all to customer who live about a mile from the same store.

The company uses drones made by Flirtey.

7-11 made an earlier delivery to a customer in July: an order of a chicken sandwich donuts, candy, Slurpees and hot coffee.

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