A new software-as-a-service startup in Raleigh and a new real estate-focused venture in Concord have raised new funding, according to securities filings.

  • Sibio lands $250,000 from one investor

Sibio, a Raleigh-based tech startup, raised $250,000 from one investor, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Silbo Inc. filed the Form D on Dec. 1, according to Lauren Hong of North Carolina Business News Wire.

Formed on Nov. 10, it is a start-up software-as-a-service company focused on the development of amateur sports league management and all users involved.

The minimum investment accepted from any outside investor is $250,000. The offering is not expected to last more than one year.

Co-founder Brendan Szulik signed the Form D on Dec. 1. He graduated from Duke University, majoring in linguistics.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Silbo Inc. is looking for an individual to develop its mobile and web applications.

  • Concord-based Kyle Court raises $825,000

Kyle Court, which is based in Concord, has raised $825,000 in equity, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing.

Kyle Court LLC filed a Form D with the SEC on Dec. 1. The filing listed a total offering amount of $825,000 in equity. All the $825,000 has been sold. Five investors participated in the offering, reports Wei Zhou for the North Carolina Business News Wire.

The company didn’t specify what it intends to do with the proceeds, according to the filing.

Kyle Court was founded on July 28, 2016. J. Harris Morrison III and Billy Thomas are listed as executive officers and promoters in the filing. Morrison III is the principal manager of Concord-based Harris Morrison Co. that provides real estate development, brokerage and management services in the greater Charlotte area.

Morrison III signed off on the firm’s Form D on Thursday.