“Trump rally rolls on: It’s shaping up to be another record-setting day.”

So reads the headline at CNN Money.

If you missed out on the “Trump rally” that began after election night futures plunged 800 points, it still may not be too late to capitalize.

And Triangle tech stocks could be a good investment. Most have climbed since Nov. 8, but there are some exceptions. Overall, however, upward movement continues.

“The S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrial Average and Nasdaq Composite climbed to a trifecta of records Monday as stocks extended their postelection rally,” is how The Wall Street Journal began its market recap story.

So what’s driving stocks up after that initial scare when it became clear that Donald Trump was going to upset Hillar Clinton as the clock advanced into the early hours of Nov. 9?

“[T]raders anticipate business-friendly policies that may be implemented by President-elect Donald Trump,” CNN Money says.

“Based on premarket trading (Tuesday), it looks like the rally could continue Tuesday. U.S. stock futures are all pushing up.”

The Skinny decided to check in on some Triangle area stocks – smaller firms to the giants – to see what’s happened in the two weeks since election day. Of 12 stocks we checked, nine are up.

Here’s the list of gainers:

1. Red Hat, Monday close, $79.65; Nov. 8 close: $76.67

2. QuintilesIMS: Monday close, $80.02; Nov. 8 close, $75.94

3. Cree: Monday close, $25.14; Nov. 8 close, $21.82

4. INC Research: Monday close: $50.70; Nov. 8 close: $46.95

5. ChannelAdvisor: Monday close, $14.40; Nov. 8 close, $12.60

6. IBM: Monday close, $162.77; Nov. 8 close, $155.17

9. NetApp: Monday close, $37.12; Nov. 8 close, $32.49

10. AT&T: Monday close, $37.74; Nov. 8 close, $36.99


1. MaxPoint, Monday close: 8.50; Nov. 8 close, $8.51

2. Cisco, Monday close: $30.05; Nov. 8 close, $31

3. PRA Health: Monday close, $54.62; Nov. 8 close, $55.46

Of course, not all the movement is due to the election. NetApp, for example, is surging in part due to its recent earnings report.

But for now, the “Trump rally” appears headed for even more records.

Where’s your money?