Looking for a job?

Like to work at SAS which is No. 2 on the world’s Great Place to Work list?

SAS is hiring – and not just data scientists or engineers.

Be warned: The competition for jobs is fierce.

For example, SAS says it receives some 67,500 applications a year for 1,200 jobs.

By the way, referrals can help applicants cut through the crowd. SAS says 53 percent of new hires come through referrals. Use your contacts.

Make the cut?

SAS explained the qualities of people the Cary-based software firm is looking for to the Great Place to Work institute, adding that it expects to expand headcount by some 4 percent. SAS currently employs some 14,000 people worldwide.

“SAS looks for people that understand who we are and what we do,” the company said when asked what are the “key characteristics” it seeks in prospective employees.

“We are innovators. If you embrace risk, pursue creativity, thrive on relationships and have the skills and knowledge to boot, that’s the kind of match we want.”

Given that the SAS core is analytics, the firm is always looking to hire data scientists, programmers and engineers. But right now SAS also wants people who can drive revenue.

“SAS is looking for candidates in critical revenue generating areas such as sales, consulting, and research and development,” SAS told the institute.

But the data demand remains, too.

“We look for candidates with deep analytical expertise in the areas of statistics, operations research, and econometrics, as well as domain expertise such as health care, financial services, manufacturing, and government.”

Suggestions to seekers

SAS also offered some suggestions to potential job seekers.

“SAS seeks more than skills and experience. We want colleagues who will contribute to the unique culture that makes SAS such a great place to work. Candidates must demonstrate that they have what is at the very heart of SAS – innovation and creativity as well as qualities that match our company values. We also want well-rounded individuals who are multi-dimensional and not so narrowly focused. People who are good communicators and collaborators and can easily adapt to rapidly changing environments. We look for those who inspire leadership that sparks innovation, change, and business transformation.”

Still interested?

Check out the SAS jobs site at:



  • 1,200 job openings forecast for coming year
  • 4% job growth
  • 67,482 applications received
  • 1,242 positions filled in past year
  • 53% new hires by employee referrals
  • 1,381 new positions created
  • 345 jobs filled by current employees
  • SAS recruits on college campuses
  • 154 new graduates hired
  • 4% voluntary turnover for full-time employees
  • 7% voluntary turnover for part-time employees

Source: SAS profile at Great Places to Work