Cisco continues its binge of acquisitions under CEO Chuck Robbins, buying collaborative software firm Worklife.

Cisco, which operates one of its largest corporate campuses in RTP, has now bought 17 companies since Robbins succeeded John Chambers a year ago.

The latest deal is seen as a move to boost Cisco’s own collaborative software offerings through Spark.

Financial terms were not disclosed.

Worklife is actually Heroik Labs, a three-year-old startup.

“With the Worklife team onboard, we see an opportunity to build on the virtual meeting experience that the Cisco Spark platform currently provides, and enhance meeting productivity across the board. For example, we can start offering additional tools, tightly integrated into Cisco Spark, to help users track calendars, create agenda templates, and collaborate on note-taking in real-time during a meeting,” said Rob Salvagno vice president of Cisco’s Corporate Business Development, in a blog.

“Worklife’s technology and talent builds on the success of Cisco’s previous collaboration software acquisitions such as, Assemblage, Tropo, Acano and Synata.”

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